Going to a Gala?

by Steven P. Deveau Directeur / Manager ,
Going to a Gala?

Gala’s, for the most part, are glamorous ways to showcase a cause or event to a community and Niagara has an abundance of them. They are also unique opportunities to go all out and spoil yourselves by looking your very best. Last February, I was extremely fortunate to attend a Gala at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls. Coming from the transportation industry, I was saddened that most of my friends and acquaintances that attended had neglected to hire a private car to get them there and back safely. Many, I’m convinced, left that evening in their own vehicles knowing they probably shouldn’t have. With that in mind, I thought of writing my concerns sharing two different scenarios.

Here’s a classic example:

You and your partner have already spent time and money to look your best either by renting a tuxedo or at the spa for this special evening. You’re probably going to enjoy a cocktail while you are getting ready but are limited as you have to drive. Almost ready to leave, one of you has to go out and warm the car up (It’s February). You may also have to brush some snow, or scrape some ice. You put your winter jackets on over your tuxedo or gown, which will inevitably be uncomfortable and awkward and not to mention, fashionably incorrect. You get into your car and realize you are now covered in slush and salt. When you arrive at the Gala and park in a dirty, unheated multi-level parking garage, you leave your coats in the car and dart to the nearest entrance. On the way out you accidentally rub up against your car and stain your clothes again. Inside, the evening is a tremendous hit and you are having the time of your lives but that quickly turns to fussing over who will be the designated driver? That unlucky person than has to fetch the frigid coats, warm up the car, hope they are not over the legal limit to operate their car while worrying about encountering a R.I.D.E. program all the way home.

Consider this alternate scenario:

You called NCT earlier in the week to reserve your car. While you prepare your wardrobe, you can enjoy an extra cocktail, stress free. After your Chauffeur rings the doorbell to announce their arrival, you come out to a clean, warm executive Sedan, SUV or Limousine. No need for winter coats. On your way to the Gala, you can actually have a worry free conversation with your partner because you’re leaving all the driving obstacles to your Chauffeur. Your Chauffeur drives up to the front entrance of the Fallsview Casino where people are wondering who is in that car. They wait to see. The truth is - you want them to see you. Your Chauffeur kindly asks you to wait in the car while he crosses over to securely open the door. You feel special by the reaction of those watching. Remember, this is a special occasion and you are both looking your best. Discretely, the driver gives you their cell phone number for your evening pick up. You can be reassured that, should you leave some personal items in the car, they will be well cared for as your driver is designated to serving only you that evening. The Party is a tremendous hit and you are having the time of your lives by dancing, socializing and celebrating without the concern of designating a driver. At the sight of a cleaning crew, you realize the evening is coming to an end and decide to call your Chauffeur. With 30 minutes advance notice, your Chauffeur meets you at the front entrance in the same warm, clean car. On your way home, you and your guest reflect on the amazing evening you just had.

My message is simple my friends. Please celebrate responsibly. The costs to hiring a private car or taxi are much lower than legal fees or worse…

Have a safe and happy holiday!

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