The Victorian Christmas Tour Starting from $47.50 per person.

Step back in time and experience a lavish mid-19th century Victorian Christmas tour by visiting the lavish Dundurn Castle. Situated a short distance from Niagara, the Castle is decorated in it's Victorian splendor with cedar boughs, ribbons and dried flowers. 

The tour will bring you through some of the most opulently decorated rooms serving a variety of functions, such as the family room, where the MacNab daughters would gather to play piano or games with their parents, the pink formal sitting area for the ladies, the grand dining hall with space for a sumptuous dessert table, and a library, smoking room and study where the master of the house could host male guests or retreat to do business. 

In each room you'll find a unique handle that, when turned, causes a bell to chime in the downstairs servants’ quarters, just like the ringing bell in the opening credits of Downton Abbey. Each bell chimes a different note, which let servants know where in the house they were needed.

Bring your family and share a Hamilton holiday tradition. 

* Suggested package mentioned is for bus 10 guests.

* Private chauffeured tours for two or larger size groups also available.